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    I have an 3 ASP files with a form and some fields, a DB and a connection. I insert values into the db from p1 which links to p2 which has a request.form (id), but no ID passes from p1 to p2. Why?

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    you have to rebuild the form and post it to the next page.<BR><BR>I strongly reccommend you buy a good asp book,<BR>this is a fundamental part of asp.

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    Default Umm, I duno.

    Can I see your HTML form?<BR><BR>What method are you using to send data?<BR>if you are using request.form("") you need to send with post<BR>if you are using request.querystring("") you send with get<BR>or you can just use request("") which will work with both.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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