Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m quite new to regular expressions, and i&#039;m trying to create a regExp which will match only the href component of an &#060;a&#062; tag in an html page. The problem with this is that although the value always starts with &#039;href&#039; the remaining characters can vary hugely (next character could be a space or an "=" sign). The biggest problem is finding the end of the value which might be " or &#039; or even &#062;. As such, I&#039;ve created the following regular expression:<BR><BR>objRegExp.Pattern = "href(.*?)[x3ex60x22]" <BR><BR>Those familiar with RegExp will note that the problem with this is that it stops the first time that it meets a " or a &#039; character: which is often at the start of the value string. Hoever, if I make it non-greedy, it risks picking up " or &#039; characters in other attribute values of the &#060;a&#062; tag, such as target. Is there a way to make the regular expression match only the second " or &#039; that it comes across? Or is there a better expression altogether to do this?