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    I has developed a site for which I would like even people without any knowledge in html do update or add new pages. To do this I would like to make some administration pages and I want to know the best way to do this. <BR>Is it to put all text in a database and have a few pages where the text will be shown or is it to generate new .html and .asp files into the right directory? The last way I don&#039;t know if there are some functions to do this, so any suggestions is welcome.<BR>Henrik

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    There are two ways that spring to mind: <BR><BR>1) Create a template ASP page. When a page is called, pass it a unique ID which allows you to pull the content from the database. PROS: Each page looks exactly the same, CONS: Will not allow for inclusion in an index, or search engine.<BR>2) Create a template page and then generate each new HTML file individually. Could, I guess, be used in combination with a database to allow modification (database holds the custom information so that a new page can be created whenever). Read up on the FSO (FileSystemObject) to allow you to create/modify/delete each page.<BR><BR>Craig.

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