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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was wondering if someone out there could assist me with the following code<BR><BR>rs.Open "news", dbc, adOpenForwardOnly,adLockReadOnly,adCmdTable<BR><BR >I wish to arrange the articles from the news table by its id number,descending to ascending. <BR><BR>I appreciate any help

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    Try this :<BR><BR><BR>rs.Open "SELECT * FROM news ORDER BY id DESC", dbc, adOpenForwardOnly,adLockReadOnly,adCmdText<BR><BR> <BR>MikeD

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    change this <BR>rs.Open "news", dbc, adOpenForwardOnly,adLockReadOnly,adCmdTable<BR>to <BR>rs.Open "select articles from news order by ID ASC", dbc, adOpenForwardOnly,adLockReadOnly,adCmdTable<BR><BR ><BR><BR>

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