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Thread: What ASP host do YOU use?

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    I am looking for a host and wanted some input from the board.<BR> <BR>I don&#039;t want to pay more than $20 - $27 a month<BR> <BR>I need to host a domain<BR> <BR>Phone support would be nice<BR> <BR>Log analysis would be nice (if not at least access)<BR> <BR>Access2k to start with upgrade to SQL server in the future<BR><BR>Storage space at least 100mb<BR>Data transfer at least 4gb<BR><BR>flash support<BR><BR>If you are happy with your current host and they support these things please let me know. Also if your host sucks let me know that too so I can avoid them!<BR><BR>Thank you so much!

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    I rent a server plan from a firm in the UK - I have space on it available for less than you&#039;re planning on paying, actually.<BR><BR>$15 per month US and you can have a virtual on it. Or if you want to pay in a lump, $120 for the year.<BR><BR>you can also add subdomains off your domain for, let&#039;s say $10 a month, $80 a year.<BR><BR>Your Domain (.com, .net, .org, .co.uk, .net.uk etc...)<BR>Log Access<BR>Access DB fine (SQL Server costs about $300US per year)<BR>&#039;unlimited&#039; storage - 100Mb is easy<BR>4Gb - shouldn&#039;t be a problem. I use more than that anyway<BR>flash support is a given<BR>windows 2000/IIS5.0<BR>Dual 550 processor<BR>512Mb Ram<BR>about two steps from the atlantic line<BR>runs www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ at the moment, along with a couple of other low-traffic sites.<BR><BR>this is a special ASPMessageBoard price!<BR><BR>contact atrax@atrax.co.uk if you&#039;re interested<BR>

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