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    I need to call an id from a databse in a redirect statement.<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "show.asp?id= & Request ("id")"<BR><BR>is it possible to do this?<BR><BR>Thank you in advance

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    Make sure you have buffering turned on, i.e. :<BR><BR>response.buffer = true<BR><BR>and put your quotations in the correct place :<BR><BR>NOT Response.Redirect "show.asp?id= & Request ("id")"<BR><BR>BUT Response.Redirect "show.asp?id=" & Request ("id")<BR><BR>then all should be well.<BR><BR><BR>MikeD

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    Yeah, this is possible... <BR><BR>In page 1, you have open a connection to your Database, open the Recordset, setup a SQL query string, get your result.. and now nearly finished.... you plug the value you just queried into the redirect statement... <BR><BR>PS... don&#039;t do this:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "show.asp?id= & Request ("id")"<BR><BR>When inserting ASP, you must CLOSE the double quotes, and add the ampersand "&" symbol... <BR><BR>Response.Redirect "show.asp?id=" & Request ("id")<BR><BR>Hope this helped,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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