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    mkasumarthi Guest

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    i used css in my site. its working Absolutely fine with IE 5<BR>but when i try to open it netscape navigator i just get only home page , none of the hyperlinks is working. when i try to take a link its displaying a error page HTTP ERROR 404 ...and<BR>in the address bar its showing the address which ends with .css<BR>http://abc/xyz/asd/styles1.css where as in IE it displays correctly the page requested.<BR><BR>please help<BR>

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    so you&#039;re using linked CSS? is the path *EXACTLY* correct in the &#060;link&#062; tag?

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    mkasumarthi Guest

    Default RE: style sheets

    yeap path is exactly correct.<BR>netscape navigator is just giving only the page <BR>requested from address bar (not necessarily homepage)and from that page its not not taking links.<BR><BR>please help<BR><BR>thanxs for ur time<BR>

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    s Guest

    Default You should send us the code

    The code linking the css and the code within the css if it&#039;s not too long

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