This is not an advertisement, but a follow-up to an issue I brought up here over a week ago:<BR><BR>When I tried to open an account with, I was emailed web and email server addresses and instructions that failed to provide any results. My several emails describing the problem and asking for help resulted in 0 (zero) response from Other than the one "welcome" email (mentioned above) I have never heard from them again.<BR><BR>I emailed, asking them to cancel the account, credit all charges back to me in accordance with their 30-day policy, and acknowledge their having done so. Still no answer.<BR><BR>This is not a case of vengeful venting on my part, but a word of warning: Let the buyer beware. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Low prices are meaningless when you&#039;re paying for nothing, folks.<BR><BR>On a positive note, I can&#039;t say enough in praise of Prices and extras are as realistically reasonable as one could expect, and service (incl. prompt tech support!) is better than promised.<BR><BR>That&#039;s my story...<BR><BR>TW<BR>