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    Hi Guys!<BR>How do I call a vb script function from a button or html image?<BR>I have the code for the image &#060;image src= "whatever.jpg" onclick="????" What do I need to put in the onclick area? Like if I have a sub of <BR><BR>sub image_onclick<BR>ID=Request.QueryString ("id")<BR>set rs=conn.Execute("Select Name from table where ID=" & LotID)<BR>Response.Redirect("whereever.asp?name=" & rs("Name"))<BR>End sub<BR><BR>How would I call it in the image tag?<BR>Thanks!!!<BR>Jillian <BR>

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    1.<BR><BR>don&#039;t use VBScript client-side<BR><BR>2.<BR><BR>you don&#039;t need to put anything in the &#060;img&#062; tag with VBScript<BR><BR>3.<BR><BR>RTFM<BR><BR>j

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