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    &nbsp;<BR>We are planning to incorporate the following process in our website according to the need. It is a subscription process. When the user comes and subscribe he will be supplied with a account id. So whenever he logs in his account to apply for anything he has to give his account id there apart from his usual login and password. Now I want a suggestion related with the creation of the field in the database.<BR><BR>(1). Adding a field in the existing table with the support id as one column<BR>(2). Creating another table with support id and linking to that with the login id.<BR><BR>Could anyone please help or suggest me in this

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    is the relationship of login id to support id 1 to 1 or is 1 to many. If 1 to 1 use same table otherwise use a new table.

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    It is 1 to 1. Thank you for your suggestion.

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