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    Matt the intern Guest

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    When using javascript as the server side language, does any know if there is an Image object? There is one on the client side, but I can't seem to find one for my server. If any can help, or if you know an ActiveX component that mimics the Image object, please respond.

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    there is no such thing as a server-side Image object. logically enough.<BR><BR>what are you trying to do with it?<BR><BR>j

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    Matt the Intern Guest

    Default include files

    I am trying to make an include file where the calling page sets a variable for the path of an image. Then, it calls a function in the include file that should read the image&#039;s height and width. then, instead of displaying the image, an img tag is written according to the image&#039;s height & width <BR>(&#060;img border="1" height="&#060;%=imageHeight%&#062;" width="&#060;%=imageWidth%&#062;"&#062;)<BR>I can do all this client-side via the Image object, which calculates the image&#039;s dimensions after it knows the source.

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    Default RE: include files (irrelevant)

    it&#039;s not relevant to say &#039;include files&#039; as a header for this.<BR><BR>you need a server-side component to read image height and width. basically you just started out along the wrong track. try looking on<BR><BR>there&#039;s a lesson in scripting it at but it&#039;s not so reliable.

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