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    Thought if anyone could help me, it&#039;s the smart people here. Specifically, why won&#039;t this code work? <BR><BR>&#060;Input type=checkbox name=r&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"&#062;document.write(tot)&#06 0;/SCRIPT&#062; value=442646237&#062; <BR><BR><BR>tot is incremented successfully elsewhere in the loop and the value is taken from a DB. The form of the name attribute should be r1, r2, r3... <BR><BR>Any Ideas?

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    I already answered this in the asp q&a. I think the bottom line is that the browser does not like the embedded script tags in the input tag so to solve this use javascript to document.write the whole form. And please do not cross post.<BR>

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    Since the value from the database is, at one time or another, a variable server-side, try writing the input tag from the server:<BR><BR>&#060;Input type=checkbox name=r&#060;%=SERVER_tot%&#062; value=442646237&#062; <BR><BR>Of course, you would have to increment SERVER_tot on the server-side.<BR>

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