I have an email form that I want to send to two recipients: 1) a hard-coded email address, and 2) another email address which the user inputs in the form.<BR><BR>What&#039;s the syntax for combining an email address and a variable in the mailobj.to statement? I&#039;ve tried it with and without quotes, seperating them with a comma, a semicolon, a &, and using seperate lines. Here&#039;s my current block of code:<BR><BR>if Request.QueryString("send") = "yes" then <BR>Set myMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail") <BR>myMail.From = "Online_Form_Submission"<BR>myMail.To = "emailaddress@domain.com"<BR>myMail.To = Contact<BR>myMail.Subject = "Client Update " & Now() <BR>myMail.Body = Content <BR>myMail.Send <BR>Set myMail = Nothing <BR><BR>The user-specified &#039;Contact&#039; receives the email, but the hard-coded email doesn&#039;t reach its destination. If I remove the myMail.Body = Content line, then the hard-coded email WORKS. <BR><BR>How do I get both to receive the form submission?<BR><BR>Thanks.