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Thread: error '8002801d' Library not registered

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    error &#039;8002801d&#039;<BR>Library not registered<BR><BR>Has just appeared has an error after I upgraded my scripting engine from 5.1<BR>to 5.5. I&#039;ve never seen this error before: it&#039;s throwing a wobbler at the<BR>following line:<BR><BR>Set objRegExp = New RegExp<BR><BR>which was working fine under 5.1<BR>I originally went for 5.5 so I could get support for non-greedy regular<BR>expressions ... has the object changed in other ways in 5.5?<BR>

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    This is a bug on the 5.5 install. You have to install twice! You may not have to reboot a second time, just run the install again and it should work

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