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    I have set up a document library for a client which I have tested on my own server and it works. It basically uploads a selected file to a specific destination.<BR><BR>However, at handover testing (on their server), the following error message appears: <BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0401&#039; <BR>Expected end of statement<BR>uploadcode.asp, line 39<BR><BR>Public Property ^ Get Form(sIndex)<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me why this works when I&#039;ve tested it on my own server and not my client&#039;s. <BR><BR>My server is Running IIS 5, and my client&#039;s is IIS 4 - could this be the problem? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>

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    installing the latest scripting engine from MS on their server, I believe that classes were implemented in VB script 5.

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    Just for anyone else with the same problem, the URL for the download is:<BR><BR>

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