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    cjam Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I know this is an age old problem, but surely there has to be a way around it. -- Hiding javascript sources. <BR>I have a couple of Javascript apps in which I wish to restrict access to the source code. Any nimrod can get to it using a standard link to a .js file, but there must be a way to hide it for real!<BR><BR>I have access to ASP 3.0, is there any way to have my html code access my javascript using an ASP page so the code does not get sent to the browser enabling the dreaded &#039;view source&#039; command?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried all of these &#039;include&#039; files and such, but that is worse than useless, it puts in script in the head of the document as normal.<BR><BR>Any views?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>cjam<BR>

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    Reggi Guest

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    I haven&#039;t found any "definite" way of doing it, but here are some precautions. You&#039;ve probably tried some of them:<BR><BR>-Use a .js<BR>-Put it in a frame by itself (hidden frame if that&#039;s possible)<BR>-Don&#039;t allow right clicking (via javascript)<BR>-Put a large transparent gif over the whole frame and layer it with &#060;div&#062; tags (stops right clicking)<BR>-Space your frames html page curiously so the name of the hidden frame is off the screen or spaced out or something.

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    have an ycomputer savvy there is no way to protect your javascript code as no matter what the code mustbe downloaded to the browser to be executed. That means that a copy can always be found in the cache so preventing right clciking etc is virtually usless. No if your code is performing complex mathematical manipulations mabye you should consider executing it on the server, that way your sensitive code is secure.

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    cjam Guest

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    yes, i see the inherit problem with the cache, I&#039;ll possibly give proper server side scripting a go.. <BR>thanks

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