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    I am used to working on windows 98pwsvb for component development.<BR><BR>With this setup when i recompile my dll in visual basic it is necessary to stop pws in order for the component to be re-registered - i do this with a bat file ( pws /stop ) as just pressing the stop button in pws management doesnt do the trick.<BR>On windows2000 just pressing the stop button in iis isnt enough either - do i have to stop it from the command line again - if so what is the syntax???<BR>also i am developing the components as MTS compatible - i have heard that you do not need to stop start iis to replace a component in MTS but this doesnt appear to be true on my machine is there anything in mts you have to configure in order to allow easy overwriting of old version dll&#039;s???<BR>thanks for any response in advance ;)

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    The syntax to stop IIS from the command line:<BR><BR>C:&#062; net stop w3svc

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    Apologies if you&#039;ve already tried these :<BR><BR>1. Have you explicitly registered the component in Component Services before trying to view the ASP page. Once IIS/PWS has the reference to the component, it will not be fully available to manage in Component Services until IIS is shut down.<BR><BR>2. Are you using Interdev. Sometimes I find Interdev gets a reference to a custom component and only by shutting Interdev down does it release it.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>JEB

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