Its small but im going mad.<BR>I am using a link tracker script and so need to put the date and update the date in the database.<BR>i have been playing around for 2 hours now. And managed to get it to work. Then when i reloaded all the tables it doesnt work again ?<BR>SQL with Chillisoft on Unix (putting table up from my computer with MyAccess)<BR><BR>so i am putting &#039;date()&#039; into a field with<BR><BR>Field:hitdate Type:date Default:0000-00-00<BR><BR>and it is coming out in the format 07/02/01<BR><BR>Now i did notice that for the brief time it was working, it was coming out in the format 01/02/07<BR><BR>All the ASP code was the same in both cases, so i am assuming it is just the field i cant get right??<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP