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    Does "include file" slows down the processing of the page. I have a friend that uses this all around the page, 5-6 per page at least. Looks like a handy feature but are the the issues?

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    To include a file may cause some extra processing on the server because it is another file to open, but it is only a small transaction. Performance wise you would not see a difference (if you used it or not)<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    It does take some extra time (milleseconds) to Include files...but it is essentially NOT noticeable to the user. If you&#039;re that worried about performance, group a few procedures/functions together in one Include file...that will speed up processing since the server will only have to read in file.<BR><BR>Overall, Include files ARE your friend.<BR><BR>Rob<BR>PS, Be sure to name your Include file with a .asp extension (don&#039;t use .inc) so that nobody can read your code.

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