data from my access database is dissappearing.

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Thread: data from my access database is dissappearing.

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    Default data from my access database is dissappearing.

    hey there people,<BR><BR>for the past few monthsm, I have noticed that data ends up missing from the access database on my IIS. This is not my imagination. because it has happened many times and i have had to go back and put it in.<BR>It is happening whenever I update the database from the users asp page or from my administrators asp page. <BR><BR>the data just disappears from the access database.<BR>Has anyone ever had this problem before ? ?<BR>if so please tell me about it.<BR>stev

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    Default RE: access data dissappearing. more information

    I think I know what the problem is. but I&#039m not sure of the solution. what do you guys think ?<BR>I think, when I go to an ASP page to UPDATE the information, the ASP page gets the information and puts it in the ASP page using <BR>a DSN-less connection. <BR>while the connection is open, i think sometimes the field data becomes corrupt and teh data in the access field becomes corrupt. and the access database doesn&#039t display it in the field.<BR><BR>let me give you an example of another place where this happens.<BR>I use cuteftp to upload files to my site. sometimes when uploading, maybe i might get disconnected from aol or something happens. I go to my web site guess what, that page is no longer there. While uploading to it, there was an error and the computer doesn&#039t know what to present. so it presents nothing.<BR><BR>has anybody ever encountered a situation where they noticed that sometimes a field of information from their access database just disappears (perhaps due to corruption during an retrieve or update session ? )

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