How many times a record has been viewed?

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Thread: How many times a record has been viewed?

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    Here&#039;s what I have:<BR><BR>SQL Server 7<BR>Win2K<BR><BR>The db contains item info (item number, desc, cost, etc). On the website, all items are categorized for the user for ease of locating them (i.e. clothing -&#062; dresses -&#062; item #238).<BR><BR>What I&#039;m looking for is some way to keep track of how many times a particular item is viewed, and store that in the db to run reports off of.<BR><BR>Is this possible? If so, how? Help! I&#039;m lost on this one!!<BR><BR>Thanks so much!

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    You Could you use the basic linktracker script at <BR><BR>and cut the bits you need and put it on the page where the items are viewed so each time that page is called, whatever the product code is it will add 1 hit to the database.<BR><BR>basically<BR><BR>If not request.querystring("productid")="" or request.querystring("productid")=null then<BR><BR>--this is the stuff to get from the linktracker script--<BR>&#039;open the nesecarry (sql)<BR>&#039;if first hit of day add new record<BR>&#039;otherwise +1 to current record<BR><BR>end if

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