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    ProblemMan Guest

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    My audio doesnt work, DVD doesnt work, and I cant play CS and other stuff b/c some .DLL's arent starting up or working. I think the problem is that the audio is stuck being used on a program. The DVD's problam is probaly that it doesnt reconize the DVD, like something is wrong with the Drive. I had no audio for 4 whole days... can anyone help me plz

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    Default and your asp question is? <eop>


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    huh? Guest

    Default RE: no Audio

    response.write "I dont think I can fix that with ASP"

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    ProblemMan Guest

    Default RE: it doesnt have to do with ASP but plz help me

    it doesnt have to do with ASP but plz help me..

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    Default Do you really expect

    us to be able to troubleshoot your system problems on a message board? Even if you ignore the fact that it&#039;s an ASP message board it&#039;s a little like asking your mechanic to diagnose your car over the phone.

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    The TroubleShooter Guest

    Default Here is the answer....

    Bring up the MS-Dos Prompt and type Format C: Then press enter....It will ask you a quetion about a "non-removable disk". Type y, and press enter.

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    ProblemMan Guest

    Default RE: Here is the answer....

    oh yeah im gonna really fall for that

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    The TroubleShooter Guest

    Default I swear....It'll fix it.

    Just do that, and then reistall the OS, and your software. Your PC manufacturer probably even gave you a nice recovery disk to make it easy.

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