Converting UPPERCASE data to Title Case

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Thread: Converting UPPERCASE data to Title Case

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    Default Converting UPPERCASE data to Title Case

    I have some data that I have imported into Access97 that is all in UPPERCASE and I would like to know if there is a convenient and easy way to change all of these records in one data field to Title Case.<BR><BR>The data was imported from MS Excell<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Export as Mail Merge in Word??

    This response is a little vague - but it appears to be the only one so far...<BR><BR>I would export the table to Word (probably as a mail merge), select the column in the table and choose Format-&#062;Change Case.<BR><BR>Import back into Access.<BR><BR>This may take a bit of working around/playing with, but its the only way I can think of...

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    Default RE: Export as Mail Merge in Word??

    can do an update query passing your string through the following function to &#039Title Case&#039 it..... (i.e. UPDATE myTable SET myString = titlecase([myString]); )<BR><BR>&#039note function below would have to be tweaked to run on asp page<BR>Function titlecase(txt As String) As String<BR>Dim x As Integer, temp As String<BR><BR>For x = 1 To Len(txt)<BR> If x = 1 Then<BR> temp = UCase(Left(txt, 1))<BR> ElseIf Mid(txt, x - 1, 1) = " " Then<BR> temp = temp & UCase(Mid(txt, x, 1))<BR> Else<BR> temp = temp & LCase(Mid(txt, x, 1))<BR> End If<BR>Next x<BR>titlecase = temp<BR>End Function

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