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    I have a scenario where a user fills out a form and then has to ick products requested. To get to the product requested the user clicks on the &#039;distributor list&#039; button. This opens a new window.<BR><BR>The Distributor list page has buttons describing the various distributors. After clicking the button the products avaliable by that distributor are listed (dynamically from a database). The user may select as many of the products, via checkbox, as they want. <BR><BR>I can pass this info back to the original page but I want to allow them to be able to select several buttons and pass multiple distributor products back. I seem to be losing my session and can only pass from 1 distributor page.<BR><BR>Suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Are you using same Session variable each time. Then of course it will be over-written each time!<BR><BR>I would advise you to use hidden form fields to store the data for each distributor. Since you have a separate button for each distributor, you obviously know who many distributors there are. Create hidden form fields for each distributor. Then, when you get the value back for a distributor, store it in the corresponding hidden form field. Go on from there.<BR><BR><BR>

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