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    Hello,<BR>&#062; Using asp, is it possible to extract the HTTP<BR>&#062;downlaod size(it should include text, graphics images<BR>&#062;whatever included on the particular page displayed in the browser). We tried out using FileSystemObject() it gives only the text size but what exactly we need is images size also need to be included.<BR>&#062;We shall be grateful to you if you could reach us with<BR>&#062;the solution at the earliest.<BR>&#062;Thanking You<BR>&#062;Vijayarekha<BR>

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    hi,<BR><BR>i think u can use the same file system obj(FSO).<BR>take the size of the file using FSO(here u get only the text size.)<BR>read through the file using FSO...if u find &#060;img&#062; tag, take the SRC value and find the size of that image...go on adding the file sizes..u will get the size of the entire page.<BR><BR>this seems to be bit tedious...hope there is always a better way.<BR><BR>jags(

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