Hello,<BR>I&#039;m new to ASP and I have a question. Ok,I want to design a wizard with ASP so people can design a one page web site. I&#039;m going to use access database to store the members site information (about their company, photos, address). I will store all the members in the access database. I also want to give them a domain name base on my own domain name. For example, my domain name is www.asp.com, and the members domain name will be www.asp.com/members/member_name.<BR>The member_name is the user name of the member which we stored in our database. So if a person has a user name of SQL, the URL will be: <BR>www.asp.com/members/sql<BR>I was wondering how can I do this. In other words, how can I generate a URL link based on my URL.