I have a database structure as follows :<BR><BR>Newsid Autonumber<BR>Newstitle Text<BR>Parentid Number<BR><BR>In this structure I am maintaining the calssifications of news articles upto infinite levels. For e.g. the following would be the records<BR><BR>Newsid Newstitle Parentid<BR>1 Software 0<BR>2 Infosys declares div 1<BR>3 Satyam goes bankrupt 1<BR>4 Automobiles 0<BR>5 Bajaj Takes over market 4<BR>6 Reliance Group 4<BR>7 Reliance Petro sinks 6<BR>8 Reliance Info. Ltd. rises 6<BR><BR>If the above structure is observed, one can notice that News id 2 and 3 are subclasses of Newsid 1, Newsid 5 and 6 are subclasses of Newsid 4, and Newsid 7 and 8 are subclasses of Newsid 6. Thus, this classification enters to infinite levels. I want the users to subscribe to any of the main classes. I am giving them this selection in a treeview control with checkboxes. I want my application to function in such a way that when a user selects any class in a checkbox for subscription, then automatically all its subclasses upto the last level should be included in this selection. Thus, if th user has selected Newsid 1, then all the subclasses upto the last level should be available for him.<BR><BR>How do I acheive this?<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Santosh