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    Here is my big problem. I have looked for solutions in several websites but none of them had the right answers. I have also check on msdn online help, but couldn&#039;t find anything.<BR><BR>Here is my question? and how do we solve this?<BR><BR>I have a small VB application that does bunch of calculations and other stuff. I have 3-4 classes, 5 forms and one module in my vb project. I am using Microsoft Access 97 Database for data storage. After the calculations are completed in VB, I need to generated some html reports with recommendations. (The recommendation is nothing but pages of text). Along with the text, I need to show some barcharts and pie charts. I don&#039;t know how to create and display charts on a html page. I cannot use asp to generate charts. All I can use in VB and HTML. Can somebody please help me? I desperately need help.<BR><BR>I have checked on this website too. But all the examples are using ASP, which doesn&#039;t help me. Please help<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Ramaa

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    I&#039;m sorry, but if you only have VB and HTML you will not be able to generate pie charts. You can use the &#060;TABLE&#062; in html to generate a bar chart, but even that would be fairly crude. What I would do is reference the Excel object library and create the pie chart and bar chart in excel and then export those charts to a picture file (like jpg) and then reference those pictures in your HTML document.

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