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    &nbsp;<BR>Here is my big problem. I have looked for solutions in several websites but none of them had the right answers. I have also check on msdn online help, but couldn&#039;t find anything.<BR><BR>Here is my question? and how do we solve this?<BR><BR>I have a small VB application that does bunch of calculations and other stuff. I have 3-4 classes, 5 forms and one module in my vb project. I am using Microsoft Access 97 Database for data storage. After the calculations are completed in VB, I need to generated some html reports with recommendations. (The recommendation is nothing but pages of text). Along with the text, I need to show some barcharts and pie charts. I don&#039;t know how to create and display charts on a html page. I cannot use asp to generate charts. All I can use in VB and HTML. Can somebody please help me? I desperately need help.<BR><BR>I have checked on this website too. But all the examples are using ASP, which doesn&#039;t help me. Please help<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Ramaa<BR><BR>

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    If the data that your charts will be based on is in an Access97 database, you will need to have an asp page to retrieve that data from the tables. You couldn&#039;t do this with just VB & HTML, unless you were going to generate a chart immediately based on user inputs in the forms (i.e. User enters data in the form and is presented with a bar chart based on the data s/he just entered). If you did this, why have the Access 97 database?

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