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    STEPHEN of NY Guest

    Default NT BOX PROBLEM

    Hi All<BR> Problem with my NT Box <BR>Electricity went out <BR><BR>Now all I see is Internet Information Server and Microsoft Transaction Server when i open up Microsoft Management Console/Internet Information Server. <BR><BR>And of course clicking/explanding on Internet Information Server is Blank . Meaning I don&#039;t get to see my Default Web Site . which i need to stop and restart because the web server is not serving up pages.<BR><BR>So if anyone knows how I can Fix this problem, it would be GREATLY Appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advanced <BR><BR>Stephen

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    Reggie Guest

    Default That doesn't sound good.

    Have you tried viewing all the Services with Control Panel?<BR><BR>In Win2k it&#039;s Start&#062;Settings&#062;Control Panel&#062;Administrative Tools&#062;Services<BR><BR>I seem to remember WinNT 4.0 had it just in Control Panel (no Administrative Tools).

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