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    Wondering about speed:<BR><BR>two tables linked by pID, <BR><BR>tblA:<BR>pID, nickname<BR><BR>tblB<BR>pID, firstname<BR><BR>what would be faster, if I needed to select certain entries fro tblB and then print out the nickname for each row? Innerjoin for nick, or a COM call? First COM call would definitely be slower, but with caching, would it speed up?<BR><BR>Also, from a com object, right now I am returning a function as string if I want to print the results. Would response.write work within a sub in a com object called from an asp page, printing on the page? I am under the impression the com is a fully independant program so I wouldn&#039;t think so... (just thinking of how to optimize)..<BR><BR>Finally, can a com object access a cookie or would I have to pass all the values of the cookie as parameters?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>- Leo

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    Here&#039;s a good article on using ASP intrinsic objects from VB components:

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