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    i am trying to pass information from one page to another on an INTRANET, i am using vbscript & html.<BR>Can I treat the call <BR>Top.Frames("fraPages").LOCATION="AutoMessage.a sp?messcode=" & document.forms(0).messCode1.value <BR><BR>is there anyway to add more to this through a users input. <BR><BR>example I want to send the messcode, userid, date,because these are the fields a user chooses on the page, but i do not want to send the project number, or the project location which the user didn&#039;t choose. <BR><BR>Can I send only the first three with out haveing to put the last two on the string as null values, but i want the option to put the last two on there if they are choosen.<BR><BR>can i do it like this<BR><BR>string = string & "& "&changes=" & document.forms(0).changesmade1.value"<BR><BR>snd still make it function properly

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    Yes, you can but you put the quotes in the wrong place.<BR>string = "AutoMessage.asp?messcode=" & document.forms(0).messCode1.value <BR>string = string & "&changes=" & document.forms(0).changesmade1.value<BR>

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