Payflow Pro integration HELP !!!!!!!

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Thread: Payflow Pro integration HELP !!!!!!!

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    I am integrating Verisign&#039;s PayFlow Pro credit card authorization system, and am having some trouble with it. If anyone has actually done this type of integration can contact me I would appreciate it. The most frustrating error I am getting is Server.CreateObject Failed I have looked at msdn and technet and I can&#039;t figure it out. I need to have this up for testing next week so please any help you can give me would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Mike Linster<BR>

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    I&#039;m about to embark on the same adventure, but I haven&#039;t started yet, so I&#039;m kinda useless to you right now. I&#039;d be interested in knowing if Verisign will help you.

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