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Thread: Oli...How does this help..

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    prakash Guest

    Default Oli...How does this help..

    When the data is reterived...how does this help,<BR><BR>Yes this is in cont... to the earlier post<BR>How to show Progress bar, for which you had given an solution, how does this help....???<BR><BR>I am confused....

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    Default Stick to the original post.

    It displays a message while the data is being sent to the browser, this message is shown immediately as it is at the top of the page, and disappears when the client has received all the data, you could replace the text for please wait.. to an animated progress bar.<BR><BR>Was this not your question?

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    prakash Guest

    Default I am sorry but I did not get the result

    Well Oli..<BR><BR>Sorry for the repost...but nothing is happening....<BR><BR>its just an empty..page with nothing appearing....<BR><BR>can you please help me on that.....

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    prakash<eop> Guest

    Default Oli...Thanks a ton...

    I am sorry...this is fine...<BR><BR>It is working......thanks a million.<BR><BR>Bye

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    Default Blank page? nothing to do with me

    You will have to post your source code, if it&#039;s long remove the unnessary bits.

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