Hi All, <BR> I asked this question in ASP Q&A, but didn&#039;t get a reply. Can someone help me from this Forum.<BR> My problem is, in every page I want to put Request.isClintConnected, so that if the user disconnect the page while transfer takes place, I will be in the safer position to close all the objects which are opened. Here is the Logic of my code: <BR><BR>If Request.IsClientConnected = True Then <BR> &#039; Open FSO, search the page, read the page and <BR> &#039; finally close the FSO and free memory <BR>Else <BR> &#039; Close FSO object and free server memory <BR>End If <BR><BR>Suppose, There is a user who request this page. Before viewing this page, he/she disconnected the transfer but object was opened. Can I handle such situation by using this code? If there is an alternative, please give me a suggestion. I really don&#039;t know this will increase the performance. Need suggestion from everyone like you.. <BR>I use 2000 server and in the peak hour, it hangs for a while. <BR>Can this be one of the reasons.. <BR><BR>Thanks,