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    I have been asked to do a security audit of my companies website. We use a Web hosting company using ASP and SQL Server. Is there a website that has a security procedure or audit to follow that can be applied to a ASP website to test security?<BR><BR>Danny<BR>

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    I don&#039;t know of anything like this, but what you could do is get hold of the hosting company and ask them about their security arrangementsand then ring around and ask other hosting companies, then compare.<BR>You want to find out things such as what level of SSL they are using, how your data is stored, how many people have access to the machines that are storing your data, are the machines hosting your site shared, do you have your own certificate that is not shared, is the server room fire proof, are they using the correct fire extinguisher (I believe these should be nitrogen), what sort of back ups do they perform and how often, what level of cover do you get if any of these fails, etc..

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