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    how do i display DB search result without having to show the Field Name? i have always used tables to show results...<BR><BR>and i wonder how to show it without tables and without the field names..... only the results...

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    Cindy can u rephrase the question

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    Cindy Guest

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    i want to display only the contents of the fields in a DB table and not the Field Name<BR><BR>For example, i have a field name "Gender" and the field value is Male<BR><BR>after a search to get data, how to display only &#039;Male&#039; instead of displaying the Field name "Gender" ?

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    If you are connecting to a Database and then returning a recordset all you need to do is...<BR><BR>Response.Write myRS("Gender") ..... for each of the records that you want to display data for.<BR><BR>Is this what you are asking for?

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