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Thread: Extrating href values from <a> tags

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    I want to be able to extract the values of href attributes from &#060;a&#062; tags in html and ASP files in order that I can check the validity of their destination. It&#039;s easy enough to create a textstream object that reads all the files and picks out the beginning and end of &#060;a&#062; tags but how can I extract the value of href given that it may or may not contain spaces, &#039; marks or " marks bewteen the href, the = and the attribute value?<BR><BR>I know you could do this with RegExp but I&#039;m not familiar with it. You could probably also do it with InStr() after a lot of rigmarole.

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    dim somestring<BR>somestring="&#060;a href=""http://www.blah.com""&#062;blah&#060;/a&#062;"<BR>pos = instr(1,somestring,"""")<BR>somestring = right(somestring,len(somestring)-pos)<BR>somestring = left(somestring,len(somestring)-(len(somestring)-instr(1,somestring,""""))-1)<BR>response.write(somestring)<BR><BR><BR>-- Whol

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