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    I just would like to know if it is possible to make a "BIG" search engine in asp, containing over 100 000 pages listed in a MySQL database running on a 700 mhz, about 500 mb or memory? Could it be fast? And how many megs does it take to contain into a mysql database 100 000 pages? (Estimation) Thank you for your time.

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    Do you *really* mean 100 000 pages ? or do you mean that your database has 100 000 records in it ?<BR><BR>If you mean 100 000 records, then yes it is perfectly possible. Your server sounds powerfull enough, but as you have given no indication of likely numbers of users, it is impossible to say if it is up to the job. Also the way your database is structured and indexed will have a major impact on the performance.

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