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    Ya The same problem here, I want to write a .EXE on a client machine is there a way to do it using ASP without the use of a Component.If there is an answer pls let me know.My e-mail ID is nray@usa.net

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    do you even know what you are asking??<BR><BR>&#062;write a .EXE on a client machine <BR>what do you think IIS is a Nortel external client?? Not really possible dude<BR><BR><BR>Or have you just worded it wrong??<BR>

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    Default ever heard of viruses?<eop>


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    Considering ASP code is executed on the server,without a java applet or activex component how on earth could you get it to infect the client machine with a virus????

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    Default are you a bit slow??

    writing an .exe **ON THE CLIENT**<BR><BR>think about it, einstein.

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    If you know how to infect a client computer using a Java applet...More power to you, since it can&#039;t be done.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t believe I&#039;ve ever heard someone argue that you *can&#039;t* infect a computer with an .exe, and you *can* with a Java applet. I&#039;m rather amused.<BR><BR>Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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