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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Okay, using MS ADSI, I can actively alter file system access on files. This is good.<BR><BR>Problem: If MMC picks up "Allow Anonymous" on a file somewhere along the line, the file is web-viewable regardless of permissions. If I disable "Allow Anonymous" on a file and add IUSER to the permissions, I don&#039t get anonymous access.<BR><BR>Question: Is there any script/ADSI/component way I can confirm or deny the "Allow Anonymous" IIS option on a file, given that I have the file&#039s owner logged in? I&#039m digging through ADSI info, but it doesn&#039t appear to go into IIS security.

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    May come in useful for site admining; uses ADSI.<BR><BR>objGuestDomain is the server name; serverNumber is an int apparently the # of servers from the top of the MMC list yours is -&#062; default web server = #1, go from there.<BR><BR> function anonAccess(strFile, boolValue)<BR> dim myFile<BR> set myFile = getObject("IIS://" & objGuestDomain & "/W3SVC/" & serverNumber & "/Root" & strFile)<BR> myFile.authAnonymous = cBool(boolValue)<BR> set myFile = nothing<BR> end function

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