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    This is my SP command..<BR><BR>I get syntax error @ DROP TABLE @tbName line.<BR><BR>what&#039;s wrong??<BR><BR>Create Proc Delete_Table<BR><BR> @tbName varchar(30)<BR><BR>As<BR>Begin<BR><BR> Begin Tran<BR><BR> Drop Table @tbName<BR><BR> Delete from MasterTable where tablename = @tbName<BR><BR> If ( @@error &#060;&#062; 0 ) <BR> RollBack Tran<BR> else<BR> Commit Tran<BR>End

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    Default Cannot do it this way...

    ...You can&#039;t reference objects as variables. But, you can store the SQL in a string and execute the string.<BR><BR> DECLARE sSQL nvarchar(100)<BR><BR> Select @sSQL = &#039;drop table &#039; + @table<BR> Execute(@sSQL)

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