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    i have a number of prototype web projects at work on an NT4 server running iis4 and connecting to SQL server 6.5.<BR>each of these uses a DSN-less connection to connect the asp pages to their respective databases<BR>they have been working fine for weeks, and in some cases months - and then i had a week off<BR>i came back today to find that none of them connect correctly<BR><BR>some just report <BR>8004005 unspecified error<BR><BR>others report<BR>Login failed- User: Reason: Not defined as a valid user of a trusted SQL Server connection<BR><BR>also, i have been looking in the application event log and have found that SQLServer keeps reporting that the parameter the number of open objects / open databases is set too low...<BR>i have used sp_configure (tho&#039; i&#039;m not sure correctly) as the event warnings suggested to up the parameter values, but it has made no difference<BR><BR>another wierd tho&#039; possibly unrelated occurance is that other users (who don&#039;t have administrative permissions) have found themselves locked out of areas of the intranet they could previously access. i suspect tampering with permissions...<BR><BR>any advice appreciated<BR><BR>any advice would be appreciated

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    The guys over there on the forums should be able to solve your problem in no time, they&#039;re phenomenal with everything SQL.

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