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    Ed R Guest

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    can someone explain how to fix this...<BR>SQL Server 7.0 table has a field defined as nvarchar, <BR>I use it to load into a pick list.... <BR>This is what it looks like...<BR><BR>SELECT Distinct rc from <BR>table<BR>order by rc asc<BR><BR>00 How can I get the 1200 and 13000 to sort<BR>1200 after the 82...<BR>1300 Thanks<BR>51<BR>55<BR>82

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    brother love Guest

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    probably need to cast them as some kind of numeric type rather than a varchar

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    Ed R. Guest

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    How would the syntax be with a Select Distinct and Cast because<BR>whatever I try, is being rejected... Any ideas....Thanx

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