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    Allie Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am trying to set up a system DSN FOR ORACLE DATABASE.<BR><BR>When i run my script, it gives me error called system dsn not specified and default driver not found.<BR><BR>Actually can someone tell me the process of setting up system DSN IN ORACLE.<BR>IS IT POSSIBLE TO SET UP SYSTEM DSN IN ORACLE OR DOES SYSTEMLESS DSN WORK WITH ORACLE?<BR>THANKS,

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    svk Guest

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    You have to set dsn through Start/Settings/CotrolPanel/ODBC32 and Select Your Driver and Dsn and Set Everything there.

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    Allie Guest

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    I have already set up a system dsn through control panal.<BR>i get the same error<BR>But no where in the process is a way to select your database file on your drive.Is there?

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    You have to set up an alias through the SQl net Easy Config under ORACLE for NT in your start Menu.<BR><BR>Then under Control panel, you specify this name for the SQl * net Connection string.<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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