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    I have to design a system which will administer a knockout competition such as a tennis tournament in access/asp. The system needs to allow the user to: <BR><BR>Enter teams/players - 16 teams/players <BR><BR>Generate the matches to be played in each round - ie 1st round/2nd round/Quarter&#039;s/semi&#039;s/final <BR><BR>Record results - User should be able to enter scores, program works out results and enters teams/players for next round... <BR><BR>Any Ideas? Anyone done this before?????<BR><BR>Really need some advice on database design.<BR><BR>Lisa <BR><BR>

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    Default Way too open ended question

    Yeah, this would be a hard answer to track down on a message board. Have you tried something so far and it was unsuccessful?<BR><BR>How are you doing this? ASP, SQL Server, Access, VB, Java, C++? Is this a web app?

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    Default Design is fun.

    its like making a martini, the end product is good, but getting there is 1/2 the fun.<BR><BR>basic stuff.<BR>players table<BR>team table (team name/id)<BR>playersTeam table (teamid,playerid)<BR><BR>.... <BR>table of events (some sort of order on them)<BR><BR>event - team table<BR><BR>output table (event-team table id with scores)<BR><BR>....<BR><BR>it could go on forever, but I suck at design, just think its fun.

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    Default Ok ....

    here is what you do.<BR><BR>First, open your browser.<BR>Then go to <BR>Next, BUY A BOOK!<BR>LEARN ASP!<BR>then .... ACTUAL PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR SCRIPT!<BR>THEN YOU CAN ASK FOR HELP IF IT ISNT WORKING

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