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    Default No one seems to know how to do this

    I had reservations about posting here in the Advanced forum but no one seems to know how to do this in any other forum. Keep in mind that I&#039;m a newbie so please take it slow and try to spell everything out if you could. Then POOF I&#039;ll be gone when my problem is resolved.<BR><BR>So here we go...<BR>Check out the following URL and you&#039;ll get an idea of what I need help with (take notice of the left-most column with the "Delete" button and checkboxes)... <BR><BR> y=0220000&id_industry=0240000#table <BR><BR>How would my users delete checked records at their will? Now, I don&#039;t want these records to be deleted off the database itself...only for what that particular user sees.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s how the page is working so far: The companies are being queried onto the page according to their industry ID (meaning each industry has an ID number). Have a look at to get a feel of what this whole thing is (you can leave the user info forms blank but be sure to check a few industries). <BR><BR>FYI: If an individual company ID is needed to delete checked records off the page, there is an Auto-Numbered field in my database called "ID" where each individual company has its own ID number.<BR><BR>Please, I really need help with this! Thank you sooooo much!!!

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    Create a table that has a userid and companyid, add records for the user for each company they select. On delete delete the records that they selected with the checkboxes from this table. To get a users selections join this table to the company info table where the userid = some number. Make sense?

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    I vaguely know what you&#039;re talking about. Is there a way it can be done without userid&#039;s?

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    Default Someone gave me this suggestion

    Someone gave me this suggestion (see below) but then he left me hanging. Can someone help me out with putting together something like this?<BR><BR>========================<BR>Method 1) Give the checkbox a value of the record id. When the user clicks &#039;Delete&#039; you Request.Form the value of the checkboxes and Split them into an array. Now within your recordset (Do Until objRs.bof And objRs.eof or whatever you are using) you check to see if the current record matches any of the IDs in the checkbox array - if it does then don&#039;t output it and &#039;movenext&#039;. Essentially a simple loop within a loop albeit a bit wasteful as you are still returning every record.<BR><BR>Method 2) Same principle but this would involve a dynamic SQL query ie add a &#039;WHERE ID &#060;&#062; checkboxArray[i]&#039;. This method would probably be better than the first as you would only have the records returned that your user wanted to see.<BR><BR>Method 3) Write some javascript via ASP which would hold the recordset in an javascript array and show/hide the array references. This way you could hide the records instantly by clicking on the checkboxes. Possibly use this in conjunction with Method 2 - you get the idea.<BR>========================

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    I can show you an easy way to do this using JavaScript. This does not seem to be the place to explain it, so email me:<BR>

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    Default Thanks!!! I emailed you... <eop>


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