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    We have a script that works under IIS 4 on our test Server.<BR>When we move it to a remote server with IIS 5 to put it into production we get an error on the following line of code:<BR>If RS(2) = HLvl and DispCnt &#060;= 6 Then<BR> The error is runtime error &#039;800a000d&#039;, Type Mismatch.<BR>We have tried all kinds of things, but the only way we could get through this line was by changing the if to:<BR>if 1 = 1 then<BR> Obviously this is not the answer but I show you this as a possible clue. Ever the line:<BR>if 1 &#060;&#062; 1 then, gets the Mismatch error.<BR> We are pretty sure, because of our experimentation, that it is the Dispcnt variable that is the culprit, but at this point I would believe anything.<BR> By the way, we tried CInt(dispcnt) already as per Microsoft&#039;s suggestion, when we looked up the error code.

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    If you&#039;ve tried Cint(), what does RS(2) contain? What type of data field is it? CInt() in VBSCRIPT != int in SQL Server... though you&#039;d more than likely get an overflow error instead of a type mismatch.<BR><BR>And you&#039;re SURE that&#039;s the line? Not possible that the line is being reported wrong?<BR><BR>Show us what RS(2), HLvl, and DispCnt contain.

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    They all contain single digit numbers. Initially HLv1 can be null, but just before that if statement I have placed code that checks the length of HLv1 and if = 0, sets the value of HLv1 = 0<BR> I don&#039;t blame you if you think I am crazy, I am almost convinced of that at this point myself. This is really goofy.<BR>

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