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    Hi everybody <BR>I got strange thing <BR>Session is enabled on the Server but it is not beeing maintained.<BR>if I do <BR>response.write Session.sessionid <BR>every time I reload (refresh) the page I get different ID (No). <BR>I can set the session variable and it is available on the same page <BR>but if I refresh everything is gone and new session ID is assigned. <BR>The administrator can not find anything and he said that he tried <BR>to put the same file in some other Virtual directory and it worked. <BR>global.asa works too - if I set session variable there (session_onstart) <BR>it is available on the page you first request. <BR>I added sessionid to the variable <BR> session("test")= "test" & session.sessionid <BR>but this one is changing after every refresh <BR><BR>this is driving me crazy !!! <BR>Can anybody help me? <BR>Searched across whole internet and it looks like nobody has the same problem.

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    Does your browser security setting support the use of Cookies? It&#039;s need to keep that session going.<BR><BR>I&#039;d take a hard look at how your applications are set up within the website (IIS tree). Have you got a configuration where there are numerous directories that have been turned into applications? "he said that he tried to put the same file in some other Virtual directory and it worked. " <BR><BR>

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