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    Thanks for the article. Could explain why it didn't work huh? Ahhh well. I sometimes wonder where all this will end. everyone, including MS is trying to get control of every user. I know they think it's a benefit but I know from our client base most users are confused enough as it is. Hell I even gt lost on some sites with all of the content they try to cram into a page. There used to be a saying "don't be afraid of whitespace". Meaning not very sq. inch of space needs to be filled. Now everybody wants to take what space there is and amke a hyperlink out of it. AHhh well looks like I got off on a rant. Sorry. Thanks again.

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    Default I thought you'd like it....

    Of course everyone want control of every user....More profit potential that way. :-)<BR><BR>Some of it ends up being benefical, and some of it ends up being a mess. That&#039;s how it goes I guess.

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